Become a Radio Broadcaster on WWRB

Current Broadcasting Schedule

Global 1, Service 1:
Saturday and Sunday - 6:00 pm EST - 9:00 pm EST on shortwave frequency 3.215 MHz
Saturday and Sunday - 9:00 pm EST to 12:00 am EST on shortwave frequency 3.185 MHz
Coverage to North, Central, South America, with enhanced Cuba/Caribbean Coverage

Additional days and times available upon request

How to Broadcast with Us

As a 25 year veteran on shortwave, we at Radio Station WWRB have decades of experience making broadcasts successful, and we have refined our operations to a point where we can offer you the following air time quote. A 59 minute program is $25.00 - always without any commercial interruptions and on prime time night time programming slots to the United States, Canada, South and Central America, Cuba, and the Caribbean Islands. Your broadcast will be carried on our 100,000 watt main transmitters - not lower power backup units.

We ask that all broadcasters provide a 59 minute minimum program length. If your program runs less than 59 minutes, please pad your broadcast to 59 minutes so there will be no dead air: perhaps play your broadcasts back to back or add fill music/bible readings to fill the time.

WWRB gives your program more play time, more U.S. and worldwide exposure, and more internet play for your broadcast dollar. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us. We're looking forward to bringing your message to the world!

This is a limited time offer restricted to new shortwave radio clients only. Please note this airtime offer is not extended to political, racial, or commercial programming.

Bring your message to the world on our 100,000 watt transmitters!